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Surveillance is the cornerstone of the investigative profession. Databases can provide information. Confidential sources can also provide information. However, the "truth" is best demonstrated by documenting activity by means of photography, video, and/or audio. Individuals, whether they be suspects, criminals, or witnesses, cannot deny what is videotaped or photographed.

Diogenes Investigators are highly skilled at surveillance. Whether it be on foot, in a car, or tracking an individual on a subway, Diogenes Investigators have a proven record of getting the "truth" documented.

All investigators have an arsenal of high-tech equipment at their disposal. Everything from standard 35mm cameras to body cameras may be used to document a situation.

We are one of the few agencies that offer Aerial & Marine surveillance services.

To learn more, you may contact us by telephone (203.264.6802) or via email.

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