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Undercover Operations & Personnel

Undercover assignments are cases in which an investigator is employed by a client to document activity within or effecting the workplace. Theft, fraud, substance abuse, sexual harassment, morale, supervision, and training are just some of the broad areas reported upon during an undercover assignment. A good undercover report also details what is going well within the organization so the client has a complete picture as to the inner workings of the business.

The process involves an investigator going to the business and applying for a position. Often times, the local business or hiring representative is unaware of the investigator's true purpose. This is what is commonly referred to as a "cold hire." During this period, the investigator is noting questions asked during the application and interview process.

The investigator follows up the application as a normal applicant would. Documenting each conversation and/or visit with the hiring representative. Once hired, the investigator documents the orientation process, training, and general introduction into the company. This provides objective insight on how employees are introduced into the company.

The investigator then spends the next few weeks developing relationships and mastering his new position. While observations are being made of the general environment, the investigator gradually makes inquiries of any activity that is contrary to the client's interests. These inquiries are not first made when the investigator is hired as not to arouse the suspicions of employees.

Assignments continue until such time as the client decides sufficient information has been gathered. Often times, formal interviews by Diogenes Investigators are conducted. The interviews independently document the information gathered during the Undercover Assignment.

Undercover personnel report daily to their manager to review the day's events. Detailed daily notes are written which in turn are complied into a weekly formal report. Any instances of major policy violations or illegal activity are immediately communicated to the client.

If you are interested in the current legal issues surrounding the use of undercover private investigators, read Illinois 1st District Appellate Court's decision regarding Johnson v. K-Mart Corp.

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